I applied for a Macy’s Beauty Advisor position at the mall. I got an email telling me to set up an interview time and date, so I did. I’ve been going back and forth on this since I got that email. I need a second job and maybe this will be it for a while. I want to save save save and get my life together. I am in such a bad place mentally that I need this. I need money in order to further my education and pay off my current debt. I also want to move out sometime soon. Sigh. Just a lot on my mind. The interview will be next Tuesday.

I can’t go tomorrow for an interview because I am driving almost an hour and a half to bring this stray kitty to a no kill shelter. I’ve been planning it for a little over a week and it is finally time. I will miss her cute face and meows but I can’t have cats and I definitely don’t want her to be outside during one of our terrible winters. So this place takes almost every animal that comes through the doors. They typically just ask for a donation of some sort. So, one of my bosses is giving me towels to donate and I went to the store and got 20 cans of cat food, 1 bag of dog food, 2 packages of kitty treats and 1 box of dog bones (with coupons and sales I spent a little less than 20 bucks! SCORE!) I am really excited about it. I love animals and I love everything this place offers. I’m very excited to bring her tomorrow and see it. I do have to remember to call in the morning to make sure everything is a-okay.

Before all of that I need to go get an oil change. haha. Fucking money bags over here. I haven’t been able to keep money in my savings for the life of me. September needs to change that.


Me almost everyday


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Why do I do this to myself?

I’m home alone watching Forensic Files.

No wonder I’m an extremely paranoid person!